Program Profile
Last updated from Access Observatory: 09 Sept 2020

Pink Consulting Rooms, Columbia

Focused on breast cancer, Roche hoped to change the way people thought and treated breast cancer in the health system to reduce times between suspected diagnosis, confirmed diagnosis and treatment. The “Pink Consulting Rooms” enable practices with physicians who have been trained in early detection of the pathology and standardized methods for medical care. Through referral, the program also helps to identify patients at risk or with suspected cancer. In 2019 there are approximately 130 Pink Consulting Rooms in 63 cities supported by Roche Colombia.

As part of the strategy behind this initiative, some aspects ensure the achievement of the objective, such as: ensure the continuity in the activities of early detection of women’s cancer, measurement of indicators of early detection, induced demand to the program and training to the healthcare professionals in women’s cancer.

There are four stages to implement Colombian health system capacity:

  1. Improve community awareness on the disease:
    since 2013, Roche has worked with different stakeholders to raise awareness about early detection of the disease.
  1. Training of health care professionals:
    The Mastology Colombian Association help to support training for health care professionals(HCPs) and the Radiology Colombian Association provides education to the association members on breast cancer in order to increase and specialize the knowledge. HCPs are then allocated to work in more than 130 “Women Consulting Rooms” in 63 cities. Over 260,000 women have visited the specialized clinics, of which 7,353 have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Also, almost 16,000 healthcare professionals have attended lectures or participated in online training on signs and symptoms of the disease.
  2. Decrease system fragmentation: The project aims to become a one-stop-shop for insurers. Moreover, in the future implementation of the program, Roche also aims to create a one-stop / one day / one medical crew for the diagnosis of the patient.
  3. Improve System efficiency: The program created a data Information tool to decrease time and process along the patient journey

This project has become a gateway for many women to be diagnosed early with breast cancer, through greater coverage for a vulnerable population. It has given priority, integrity, and quality, by health professionals trained and sensitized on the pathology, within an optimal patient journey. The program is endorsed by the Mastology Colombian Association and Roche and also implemented by the Radiology Colombia Association, Local hospitals and health facilities at the local University.