Program Profile
Last updated from Access Observatory: 09 Sept 2020

Children And Mothers Partnerships (CHAMPS) Initiative – Kenya

The overall aim of the Children And Mothers Partnerships (CHAMPS) initiative is to pro- mote primary prevention of cervical cancer among girls and women through vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) among eligible young girls and improving access to early diagnosis and treatment for women. While there is a favorable policy framework and encouraging movement toward policies across health and education, many gaps exist in implementation of these policies, especially in areas of high risk populations such as adolescent girls, as they are a high risk population for exposure to HPV at an early age due to exposure of risks. Another risk is the parents’ resistance to HPV vaccination and cancer screening for their daughters. The protective factor of schooling is also limited due to high dropout rates between primary and secondary levels.

HPV vaccinations in conjunction with cervical cancer screenings and treatment are para- mount for reducing the mortality rate for cervical cancer in Kenya. The Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) is working with the rural, poor and marginalized communities in Kitui South to improve access to maternal and child health services as well as enhance quality of care at lower level facilities. By training community health workers, nurses and health professionals in local government health facilities through provision of training programs on cancer screening and care ensuring that women are able to access these services beyond the project implementation period. 

Project objectives:

  • To strengthen primary prevention and protective factors for girls through education and promotion of HPV vaccination.
  • To strengthen secondary prevention through increased screening, early diagnosis and treatment for cervical cancer in women in the project area.
  • To advocate for the inclusion of adolescent girl issues in national policies and cervical cancer prevention and control strategic plans in support with First Lady’s “Beyond Zero Campaign”

Project Components:

  • CMMB will enhance training for community health workers, nurses and other health professionals on cancer screening with low cost technology VIA, followed by cryotherapy whilst strengthening the referral system through leveraging existing resources to improve access to cancer care at:
  • National level, county level and grassroots level to advocate for the government to allocate funds and resource mobilization for can- cer prevention and control and to generate evidence for advocacy.
  • In the CHAMPS zone of project area, focused on:
    • Integrating health education on cervical cancer screening with other interventions in 34 health facilities and 80 schools.
    • Integrating awareness and education training on HPV and cervical cancer into 2100 newly recruited community health volun- teers (CHVs) training curriculum.
    • Convening and taking the lead in the awareness campaigns with focus on reproductive health.
    • Offering support to cancer survivors and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). These could include income generating activ- ities (IGAs) and psycho social support.

Monitoring and evaluation:

Monitoring and evaluation will be facilitated through the already existing CHAMPS programmatic portfolio and structures within Kenya and remain the responsibility of CMMB. Periodic reports will provided to Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF).

Expected outcomes focused on cervical cancer prevention, early detection and treatment:

  • Improved capacity of community health workers, nurses and health professionals in local government health facilities to detect and treat cervical cancer.
  • Improved access to women’s healthcare services for underserved communities through increasing community awareness.
  • Improved advocacy on policies towards improving access to health care for both cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Improved access to maternal and child health services as well as enhance quality of care at level of community, dispensaries and health centers related to HPV vaccines and cervical cancer screening.

The data for this program has been reviewed by both the companies and the Access Observatory team.