Program Profile
Last updated from Access Observatory: 09 Sept 2020

Cancer Education for Primary Healthcare Professionals in Kenya

The objective of the Cancer Education for Primary Healthcare Professionals in Kenya Program is to significantly improve cancer care by increasing the number of healthcare professionals who can undertake cancer screening, and provide practical and specific knowledge that will translate into more timely diagnosis and referral, and more effective management of cancer patients in Kenya.

This program provides three day workshops in cancer control and cancer care for primary healthcare professionals, including medical officers, clinical officers, and nurses selected by county governments in Kenya. These professionals receive very little training in cancer diagnosis, control or prevention.

The training is provided by Elewa Foundation based on a curriculum provided by the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).

The program has trained 100 primary healthcare professionals (as at November 2017) since it started in July 2016, and will train over 1,200 people in total.


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