Program Profile

Born on Time

Prematurity is the single greatest cause of death in children under five. Born On Time is the first public-private partnership to prioritize the prevention of preterm birth. This five year initiative brings together resources and expertise from World Vision, Plan International, Save the Children, the Government of Canada and Johnson & Johnson to tackle preterm birth prevention in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Mali – three countries where the burden of newborn deaths is high.

Working closely with local governments and stakeholders, Born On Time partners are taking a comprehensive approach to preterm birth prevention throughout communities and regional health facilities by improving health service delivery, increasing uptake of health services, and strengthening data collection. Specifically, the initiative will target risk factors related to four areas: unhealthy lifestyle/behaviors, maternal infections, inadequate nutrition, and limited access to contraception.

The program supports women and adolescent girls before, during, and between pregnancies by strengthening health systems with training, equipment and supplies to provide quality, responsive care. Additionally, Born On Time aims to empower women and adolescent girls as well as to engage men, boys and community leaders to tackle gender-based discrimination and barriers that impact maternal and newborn health.