Program Profile
Last updated from Global Health Progress: 02 Sept 2020

Beyond Medicines in Ukraine

Health needs and challenges

The CD30 and PET-CT scans needed for diagnosis of lymphoma are unaffordable for some patients in Ukraine.

How the program and partnership activities address needs and challenges

The program covers the costs for PET-CT scans, an expensive diagnostic procedure that is not covered by the government or health insurance. It also covers the costs of immuno-histochemistry which is a valuable clinical tool for assessing CD30+ patients who may respond to treatments such as Adcetris® that target the CD30 protein.

In addition, the program also provides professional development of pathologists, through our partner, National Cancer Institute of Ukraine:

Seminars to discuss difficult diagnostic cases, which in turn strengthen inks between pathologists and clinicians

Provision of web-based resources for pathologists

Hodgkin’s lymphoma tutorials for clinicians in the major cities of Ukraine


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