My Child Matters – African School of Pediatric Oncology
My Child Matters – Telepathology for Childhood Cancer Diagnosis
Ngao Ya Afya (‘Shield for Health’)
My Child Matters – Thailand
My Child Matters – Retinoblastoma
My Child Matters – Paraguay
Save Her, Ghana
Pink Consulting Rooms, Columbia
Patient Support Programme in Egypt
UNMOL (Urdu for Precious): Access to Cancer Medicines in Pakistan
The Blue Tree, India
Breast Cancer National Access Programme, Kenya
Developing Cancer Healthcare Insurance
Combating Cancer in Kenya
Patient Assistance Program (PAP) – Ninlaro®
African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC3T)
Patient Assistance Program for Adcetris in Malaysia
R&D Access to Medicines Employee Fellowship Program
Takeda Max Access Solution (MAS)
Integrated Cancer Curriculum
Blueprint for Innovative Healthcare Access – Meru County, Kenya
AMPATH Oncology Preceptorships & Telemedicine Program
Patient Assistance Program (PAP) – Adcetris®
Palliative Care Training in sub – Saharan Africa
Cancer Alliance for sub – Saharan Africa
Beyond Medicines in Ukraine
Mobile Access for Chronic Care in Sub – Saharan Africa
Oncology Nursing Education in Kenya
Oncology Fellowship in sub – Saharan Africa (SSA)
Cancer Education for Primary Healthcare Professionals in Kenya
Fondazione Internazionale Menarini
Secure The Future – Senegal
Pink Ribbon, Red Ribbon (Africa)
Secure The Future – Multinational Lung Cancer Control Program (MLCCP)
Secure The Future Lung Cancer in Kenya
Secure The Future – Lung Cancer in Swaziland
Secure the Future Kimberly Hospital Complex – South Africa
Secure The Future – Gauteng Province South Africa
Secure The Future – South Africa –Northern Cape
Secure The Future – Uthukela District, KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa
Secure The Future – South Africa
Secure The Future – KwaZulu Natal South Africa
Secure The Future – Kenya – Eldoret
Secure The Future – Tanzania
Project ECHO for Cancer Care (South Africa)
Children And Mothers Partnerships (CHAMPS) Initiative – Kenya
Global Hope (Africa)
Celgene Cancer Care Links
Celgene AMPATH Oncology Partnership
Project ECHO
GARDASIL – Peru, CerviCusco
GARDASIL – Haiti, Zanmi Lasante
Health Camp against NCDs
Sandoz partnership with World Child Cancer
Glivec International Patient Assistance Program (GIPAP)
Novartis Oncology Access Programs
Novartis Access
Remember I Love You
Hope to Her
Increased Access to Cancer Treatments across Africa, Asia & Latin America
Improving Oncology Care: Scaling Up Breast Cancer Services in La Libertad Region, Peru
Integrated Approach to Improving Oncology Care
Expanding Global Access to Healthcare
Improving access to our anticancer product in India
Merck Community Awareness Program
Capacity Advancement Program (CAP)
Merck Cancer Access Program