Browser Cache Reset Frequency
Application Language
  1. Top bar

    The Access Accelerated logo, as well as the home icon will bring you back to the landing page. Additionally you can get some help, find information about the data approach, settings as well as the walk-through, whenever available.

  2. Top bar special

    Only available in this module in the option to change the area below and switch between the Indicator Story, Dashboard and Locations, which are all linked to the selected indicator.

  3. Indicators

    This section displays all the collected indicators and changes the data shown on the map. The selected indicator name will be highlighted and also shown above the map.

  4. Map

    The map show the data of the selected indicator, if available. The icons on the top left let add an overlay. The top right allows you to toggle a full screen or table view. You can also download the data, refresh and zoom further into the map.

    The ledged is shown on the bottom left.

    If data for more than one year is available, you can play through it with the time slider, allowing you to view the changes on the map.