1. Welcome to the landing page of the Access Accelerated Open Platform.


    Access this module to find visualized information about the AA Member programs as well as diverse snapshots.


    This module contains a vast number of NCD related resources, like country policies, research material, publications and other vital documents.


    This module lets you access the open source data repository with a collection of NCD prevalence and SDG targets indicators.


    Find news, updates and more detailed information about focus countries of Access Accelerated and our partners.


    This infographic shows the current count of programs, countries, and members associated with Access Accelerated and the Access Observatory.


    Find out more about our partners and trade association members and their work. Clicking on the respective logos will lead you to their homepages.

  1. Top bar

    The Access Accelerated logo, as well as the home icon will bring you back to the landing page. Additionally you find here the excel data download, help, information about the data approach, settings as well as the walk-through, whenever available.

  2. Filters panel

    Use any of the filters to change the data displayed below using . Adding filters will also change the data that is exported.

  3. Data Source

    You can change the module display all relevant NCD programs by AA companies, to only display programs whose more detailed descriptions have been submitted to the Access Observatory, or only show AA company programs that have not yet been submitted in greater detail to the Access Observatory;this will also influence the exported data.

  4. Current filters

    This section displays the filters that are currently applied. You can remove all filters at once or individually.

  5. Visualisation Charts

    You can change this charts via . Hovering over any of the charts gives you more information. They can be exported in different formats via

  6. Left panel chart

    Only the left chart can be used as a quick filter by clicking on one of the indicators.

  7. Center Panel Charts

    Pie and donut charts are exclusive to the center panel charts.

  8. Map

    The map shows the geolocation and distribution of the member programs and gives access to the country profiles by clicking on the respective country on the map.

  9. Programs and Lists

    You can display different lists of either the Programs, AA Members or NCDs. Each list gives you further access to more information and the different snapshots.

  10. Search Bar

    The search bar can be used to search through the list below.

  1. Program profile

    The program profiles shows the program data provided by the AA Members.You can close the pop-up by clicking on the X in the top right corner or anywhere in the darkened area.

  2. Export

    You can export the data either as a PDF or in an Excel file.

  3. Basic Information

    This area shows to which member(s) this program belongs to, a brief description, the official name, and program picture.

  4. Additional Information

    This area provides the user with some key facts about the program, like the countries in which it is active or the strategies it follows. They become visible by hovering over the respective icon.

    An additional field appears below, if the program is also part of the Access Observatory.